Founded as Ken Ben NYC, LLC in 2017 by Mike Gordon with the initial goal of winning the New York City Immobilization contract, RISETEK is focused on offering our booting solution to cities and universities across the globe.

Mike Gordon, President, spent the last decade working with New York City Department of Finance on their scofflaw program. Mike’s company provided towing services for New York City prior to the implementation of a booting program by the City in 2012, and continued on as a towing subcontractor for the program until November 1, 2019, when Ken Ben NYC, LLC was awarded the immobilization contract under the name RISNYC, LLC. Mike had a vision for how to improve many aspects of the old booting program, starting with the boot itself. Mike designed the Intelliboot with multiple US patents to address many of the shortcomings of the existing self-releasing boot.


RISETEK Global is revolutionizing the vehicle immobilization industry with its patented state-of-the-art hardware and software platform solutions. RISETEK’s proven self-releasing booting solution dramatically improves the performance of your booting program, collecting more of your unpaid citation revenue while reducing your operating costs and investment in equipment.

RISETEK provides decades of experience along with our “Best Practices” for booting and parking enforcement. Our experience allows us to offer proven methods and practices to deliver better results.  As we have proven in New York City, there is value in implementing better technology and Best Practices.

Mike Gordon, President

Mike has over thirty years of experience in the towing and enforcement industry; many of those years were spent working with various New York City agencies. He headed up the effort to win the New York City immobilization contract in 2019, and prior to that, worked on the booting and towing program for over a decade. Mike is extremely dedicated and driven to make RISETEK the industry leader in self-releasing boot services. He is a hands-on leader who is passionate about delivering on RISETEK’s commitments, always securing the necessary support and resources to ensure our programs are a success.

Jack Skelton, JD – CAPP,  Chief Commercial Officer

Jack offers thirty years of experience in the parking and transportation industry.  Jack has focused a majority of his career in the municipal space, working with hundreds city parking and transportation programs of all sizes and scope in North America.  His expertise is in designing customized technology solutions that solve the unique problems of his clients.  Jack provides leadership in RISETEK’s efforts in delivering intelligent solutions for our clients.

Richard Ballard, Executive Vice President of Solutions

Richard is responsible for the daily operations across the RISETEK organization. He holds numerous certifications in law enforcement, private security, and parking operations. He brings his exceptional knowledge and experience to our senior leadership team in order to deliver unique solutions to complex customer needs. Richard is also responsible for RISETEK’s IT operations utilizing his vast experience in system design, development, and implementation to provide best-in-class tools for our customers.

Damon Harvey, Senior Vice President of Municipal Solutions

Damon brings over two decades of municipal transportation systems management fluency to RISETEK’s public sector engagement efforts across North America.  Damon is a public sector Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) subject matter expert and his accumulated knowledge as both a department of transportation manager and as a member of the executive management team for several leading parking technology companies provides our team with invaluable practical industry experience. His responsibilities include introducing RISETEK’s smart technology solutions to public sector executives and their management teams.  Additionally, Damon plays an integral role in identifying public sector transportation projects, project management, and participating in RISETEK’s bidding process for these opportunities and our deployment process.  As a former public agency manager, Damon leverages his management experience to lead RISETEK stakeholder outreach efforts, from formal presentations to coordination with local, state, and federal decision-makers.