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Data Reporting & Aggregation

VERGE Data Analytics Features

Designed by parking enforcement industry experts to deliver a more intelligent approach, VERGE is a powerful data analytics reporting, aggregator and management tool that dramatically improves the performance of your booting, enforcement or occupancy programs.

VERGE Data Analytics Features
  • Centralized reporting and access for all parking technology data

  • User specific customized dashboards – Your Data, Your Way

  • Automated revenue and transactional reporting

  • Reduced administrative burden with increased operational efficiency

  • Real-time access to all data and elimination of data auditing

  • Layered reporting provides 360-degree view

  • Integrate On-Street and Off-Street parking data

  • Comparisons based upon budget, historical, time period or location

  • Tracking across multiple facilities with no geographic restrictions

  • Variance alert algorithms proactively provide cost savings

  • Occupancy and utilization reporting of facilities in real-time

  • Parking studies of all data upon demand

  • True dynamic pricing capabilities

VERGE Analytics Chart
VERGE Analytics Chart

VERGE for Booting

VERGE is the “secret sauce” behind RISETEK Global’s intelligent full-service booting solution. The concept of sending booting crews blindly out to drive streets in hopes of coming across a scofflaw is inefficient, expensive, and can quickly become a safety concern.

VERGE integrates your data into a powerful reporting, analytics and management tool that dramatically improves the performance of your booting program.

The VERGE data analytics platform leverages data using real-time integrations with any parking enforcement plan, such as permitting programs, and existing digital payment methods, dramatically improving the performance of your enforcement program.

VERGE Booting Workflow Chart

VERGE Occupancy + Enforcement

Occupancy + delivers real-time parking occupancy data with the unmatched accuracy of computer-vision based License Plate Recognition (LPR) for your parking lots and garages. Data can be displayed on digital signage, your website, mobile payment apps, or social media and detailed utilization reporting provides a holistic view of your entire operation.

VERGE Analytics Chart

Occupancy + Enforcement provides automated enforcement to further increase efficiency of your parking program.

By integrating with your parking and permit data, Occupancy + identifies and documents parking violations of all kinds in real-time, including non-payment, overtime, wrong permit, and scofflaw.

Occupancy + delivers all the data you need to maximize the value of your parking enforcement program and allows you to enforce YOUR way.

Your enforcement routes are optimized based on accurate data and leverages the alert capabilities of VERGE, completely automating your parking enforcement program and sending your violations out by email.

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