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How Smart Parking Technology Benefits Community Association Parking

Oftentimes, Community Association Managers (CAMs) are unaware of the variety of smart parking technology solutions that are available to help them optimize their communities’ parking assets and/or reduce the burden of administering parking within the community.

For instance, vehicle permitting for community associations is a manual process completed with paper registration, stickers, and hangtags. Add key fobs and data entry of spreadsheets to the list, and you have an administration nightmare. That’s not even to mention the costs involved, both in labor and consumables.

Some CAMs use “vehicle permitting” software but continue to use stickers & hangtags. This is a start, but it doesn’t optimize the process or solve the administrative challenges or high costs they continue to experience. These systems are not an exceptional experience for a resident or visitor, and they’re not optimizing their parking assets.

Yet another challenge in community parking is the enforcement of the rules and regulations. Community Association Managers often contract with patrol companies to provide a visual deterrent by driving through the community or notifying the community regarding obvious parking issues. The problem is they do not actually enforce the rules and regulations set forth by the community.  This style of parking enforcement also completely misses the opportunity to generate revenue from parking assets.  Patrol companies are more reactive than proactive.

If the scenario above feels all too familiar, keep reading for helpful insight.

Forward-thinking CAMs benefit from implementing an automated cloud-based, digital parking management system that offers a flexible self-serve platform to manage community/apartment parking and permitting with visitor registration. An automated permitting solution such as our ParkLync Permitting Solution is a wonderful example of that.

If you are responsible for parking, you want a smooth, headache-free operation where parkers are satisfied, following the guidelines and policies you set for them. You also want the parking operation to run with minimum effort.

Vehicle permitting software coupled with stationary License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology solutions at the entrance/exit of the community provide real-time email/text notifications of unpermitted or unpaid vehicles on property.  Those notifications can be sent directly to the community’s patrol, an enforcement or towing company to warn, ticket, immobilize (boot) or tow the violator. This a proactive approach rather than a reactive one which provides huge benefits to the community.

The benefit of implementing the above approach provides the ability to monetize/optimize the parking asset, reduce vandalism/theft, real time/historical data of vehicles onsite and allow for the capability to increase revenue by implementing issuance of tickets to unpaid or unpermitted parkers.

Are you interested in optimizing the performance of your Community Association’s parking enforcement program? Contact us or email us at sales@risetekglobal.com‎‎ to find out how we can help.

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