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RISETEK specializes in technology-based intelligent parking management solutions for condominium associations, apartment complexes and resort properties.

We offer property managers a simple user-friendly solution to manage your parking lots and garages. Our technology will reduce the burden of managing your parking while improving the parkers experience and increasing your parking revenue!

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  • Automate Permitting/Guest Parking Mobile Payments – No Cash
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  • Revenue Optimization
  • Increase Management Efficiency
  • Reduce Administrative Costs
  • Data Analytics = Intelligent Decisions
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  • Real-Time Parking Occupancy
  • Immediate Violation Notificatio
  • Enforcement Options Available
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  • No Up-Front Cost
  • Camera-Based System
  • 24/7 Customer Support Center


RISETEK is the one-stop technology partner for municipal parking management and enforcement programs. Our industry experience in designing a comprehensive technology plan for on-street and off-street parking programs is unmatched. Our agnostic approach to designing, upgrading, and modifying existing systems allows us to offer the most cost-effective and least disruptive technology plans.

RISETEK works with all major technology providers, as well as many new cutting-edge solutions, to provide a completely integrated platform to our customers. Our VERGE Business Intelligence (BI) solution offers a complete reporting and analytics platform that will integrate all of your technologies for real time automated reporting and dashboard views of your entire parking program.


RISETEK offers university parking administrators the ability to design a “right sized” technology program. Not all universities have the same needs or budgets. RISETEK can provide a solution that meets your campus’s specific operational needs. We offer a flexible digital permitting solution that integrates with mobile/fixed LPR systems for highly efficient enforcement.

Are you tired of your old system? Looking for more flexible, less expensive software/technology?

Contact us to provide you with a hassle-free technology assessment.


RISETEK provides residential parking programs a flexible, comprehensive technology solution to manage parking permits, mobile payments for daily/visitor parking, automated parking enforcement and a real time business intelligence platform (VERGE) for universal data visualization and reporting.

VERGE is the perfect parking management solution for asset managers overseeing multiple residential/mixed use parking sites. Access to real time occupancy and utilization data provides valuable budgeting, pricing and forecasting capabilities. VERGE allows you to unlock the hidden value of your parking assets!


RISETEK offers healthcare facility managers a comprehensive parking technology solution to deliver a flexible employee permitting and enforcement solution. RISETEK can deliver an effective solution to effectively control employee parking providing automated enforcement on your healthcare campus. Looking to replace your expensive gated parking equipment?

RISETEK can provide a frictionless system saving your capital and operating budget for other priorities.


RISETEK offers commercial/mixed use property managers with a comprehensive technology solution to effectively manage complex tenant, customer and vendor parking. Our ability to deliver a custom parking technology solution for any property makes us unique in the industry.

Are you looking to start charging for customer parking? Or to replace your expensive out of date parking equipment?

Contact us to receive an optimal cost-effective solution for your property.