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Parking Control

Parking Control Solutions

RISETEK’s parking control solutions assist with a wide variety of parking management scenarios through our gated, permitting, and parking barrier solutions that eliminate the administrative headaches of managing parking while providing reliable control and efficient parking management.

Parking Gate Controls

Ensure That Only Approved Visitors Are Admitted

In the current world of frictionless parking, there is still often a need for gated parking solutions. Some facilities still need to be able to fully control who enters a parking area. Whether it be a situation where the facility requires only those authorized to be on park there or situations where only monthly parkers are allowed in a parking structure, gated parking can meet these requirements. Gated parking can provide several benefits.

  • The facility has full control over who enters the parking area.
    Transient parkers can be restricted from parking in lots during specific time frames.
  • Utilization of access control technologies to control parking.


RISETEK can assist with multiple gated parking solutions including gate hardware, software, and integrations with PARCS solutions.

Permitting Solution

Are You Ready To Bring Order To Parking Permitting Chaos?

Eliminate the administrative headaches of managing parking by stickers & spreadsheets with ParkLync’s digital self-administered online permit management platform.

  • Achieve Operational Efficiency
  • Enhanced Resident/Visitor Parking Experience
  • Monetize Parking Assets
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Permitting Dashboard 3
Permitting Dashboard 4
Permitting Dashboard 5
Permitting Dashboard 6
Permitting Dashboard 2
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Detailed Reporting

  • Custom Account Dashboards
  • Real-time Utilization Analytics
  • Administer Permitting Rules & Regulations
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Hassle Free “Virtual” Solution

  • Self-administer Resident/Visitor Permitting
  • Eliminates Hang Tags/Stickers
  • License Plate Acts as Parking Credential
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Integration Capabilities

  • Lease & Tenant Management Software
  • Accounting Platforms
  • Parking Access
  • Residential Parking Permits

Parking Barrier

Are you frustrated with the unauthorized use of parking spaces?

RISETEK’s Smart Parking Barrier by Parklio™ is a smartphone- controlled parking barrier that protects parking spaces from unauthorized usage while providing reliable control and efficient parking management.

  • Eliminates Enforcement Reduces
  • Eliminates Labor Costs
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Systematic Use of Parking Spaces
  • Monetize Parking Space Assets
Use Cases:
  • VIP Parking
  • Customer Pick-up Spaces
  • EV Charging Stations
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Smart Functionality

  • Smartphone Controlled App
  • Temporary Visitor Digital Keys
  • Vehicle Departure Auto-close Option
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Hassle Free Solution

  • Smartphone, Keyfob or Integrated Control
  • Simple Installation
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Sustainable & Safe

  • Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries
  • Sustainable Solar Panel
  • Weather Resistant Vandal-Proof Design