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Frictionless Parking

Frictionless Technology

RISETEK can design, install and support a custom frictionless solution for any site. Our system engineers will perform a site assessment and listen to your operational needs/goals in order to present the optimal solution for your operation (we don’t do cookie-cutter). RISETEK leverages the latest in License Plate Recognition (LPR), computer vision, and sensor technology to deliver an accurate system of vehicle identification and enforcement. RISETEK can integrate with all smart meters, digital permitting, and mobile payment providers. Interested in going “frictionless”?

Contact us to provide you with a hassle-free assessment for your operation.

Why consider a frictionless solution

  • 50% to 75% lower equipment investment than traditional gated systems
  • Greatly reduced maintenance/repair expense
  • Improved customer experience with free flow of traffic
  • No backups/delays entering or exiting
  • Greater flexibility in parking lot/garage configuration
  • Increased revenue opportunity!

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Organizations of all markets benefit from using license plate recognition technology because it allows them to control traffic to their properties. RISETEK can meet the needs of organizations by providing intelligent LPR solutions that meet their specific needs and requirements.

LPR Technology Improves Parking Management

License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology uses cameras installed near car parks or car traffic areas to detect license plates. In some cases, license plate recognition is the only way to efficiently manage time and resources in parking areas or on roads with large numbers of vehicles. License Plate Recognition (LPR) is used in parking management to help control user behavior by enforcing parking regulations and ensuring vehicles stay in the correct parking areas for the right amount of time. This reduces overstays and helps keep parking spaces available for all drivers who are compliant. In most cases, license plate recognition helps communities, cities, and businesses reduce violation rates significantly.

Increase Parking Operations

RISETEK utilizes License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology combined with our Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to increase our customer’s parking operations in various applications to include:

  • Compliance with payment applications that utilize license plate numbers for payment
  • Gated access for inbound and outbound traffic
  • Whitelisting employees / visitors / pre-paid parkers
  • Determining repeat violations and unauthorized vehicles
  • Identifying vehicles who over-stay time limits
  • Parking area occupancy and space availability
  • Timely and directed enforcement violations to staff and management

Mobile Payment App

Smart solutions in the palm of your hand

Mobile payments is a simple smart technology allowing patrons to pay for transportation related services using any WiFi enabled smart device.

Mobile Payment Features

  • Easy to Use: Manage entire parking process from your vehicle or any smart device.
  • Innovative Payment Options: Accepts electronic payments; Patrons can use smart device as payment credential.
  • Applicable to Multiple Services: From citations to parking payments (i.e., on demand, pre – paid, digital permits, immobilizations); Integrates with other smart technology vendors
  • On-demand Electronic Payment Options: Allow patrons to purchase services with existing payment methods(s) on their smart devices
  • Pre-payment/Reserved Parking Options: Allow Monthly Permits: license plates becomes payment credentials
  • Real-time Event Tracking: Track your inventory as patrons purchase parking for upcoming events
  • Easily Integrates with Other Smart Device Features:
    • Existing GPS Mapping on Smart Devices.
    • Traffic and Parking Availability Heat Map.
    • Acceptance of Parking Enforcement Payments: from citations to self – releasing immobilization devices.

Revolutionary Sensor Solution

Smart Parking Sensors

RISETEK’s LoRaWAN Smart Parking Sensors streamline parking detection to allow you to fully utilize parking assets and maximize profit, minimize vehicle congestion, and optimize operational efficiency. 


  • Space Occupancy
  • Way-finding
  • Enforcement Optimization
  • Automatic Smart Meter Reset
  • Mobile-Enabled Payments
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Advanced Technology

  • Secure Park ID Technology
  • Flexible Integrations
  • Bluetooth Firmware Updates
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Data Analytics

  • Parking Data Analytics
  • Aggregate Vehicle Count
  • Single Source Data Intelligence
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Exceptional Performance

  • Exceptional Accuracy (99.9%)
  • 5-second Detection Time
  • Weatherproof Functionality (Rain & Snow)
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Smart Construction

  • Low-profile, surface or flush-mount
  • Replaceable Body Design
  • 10-year Battery Life (Replaceable)