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Business Intelligence

Data Analytics

VERGE was designed by parking industry veterans to deliver a truly helpful BI solution for parking and asset managers. Created with municipal, university and muti-facility commercial parking programs in mind, VERGE provides real-time reporting of all parking transactions/revenue through integrations with your existing technologies.  VERGE automates timely reporting processes, allowing for more responsive management decisions.

VERGE is easily integrated with all PARCS, smart meters, mobile payment platforms, LPR, enforcement solutions, reservation platforms, permitting software, sensors, VMS signage, CMMS, accounting software, and more.  With the ability to visualize real time occupancy, payments, revenue, enforcement activity, trends, variances, VERGE provides complete transparency to your parking program.  VERGE allows you to optimize pricing, staffing, and utilization of your parking assets like no other solution.

RISETEK can guarantee our clients that VERGE will more than pay for itself through enhanced revenue, improved efficiencies and reduce operating expense.

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Optimizes Services

Analyze data from any of your data sets, from transportation asset revenue tracking to digital permit management.

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Assisted Enforcement Route Design

Identify the streets and areas with the highest probability for enforcing unpaid parking as well as outstanding citations.

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Value Propositions

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Delivers Real-Time Integrations

Parking Enforcement Software, LPR Systems, Smart Parking Meters, Multi-space Meters, Mobile Payment Apps, and Permitting Programs.

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Data Analytics

Bring the power of advanced data analytics and predictive modeling to your transportation operations.

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GPS Mapping Software Advantages

Integrated services with your LPR system tells staff where a particular license plate was read, when it was read and how often it has been read.

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Smart Meters

Real-time curbside data
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Enforcement Software

Centralized reporting and access for all parking technology data with user-specific customized dashboards – Your Data, Your Way
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LPR Systems

AI Software System Integrations which utilize On-Street and Off-Street parking data
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Automated revenue and transactional reporting
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Prepaid Event Systems

True dynamic pricing capabilities
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Permitting Systems

Tracking across multiple facilities with no geographic restrictions
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Mobile Payment Apps

Payment Technology Integrations

Solution Features

  • Centralized reporting and access for all parking data
  • User specific customized dashboards – Your Data, Your Way
  • Automated revenue and transactional reporting
  • Reduced administrative burden with increased efficiency
  • Real-time access to data and elimination of auditing
  • Layered reporting provides 360-degree view
  • Integrate On-Street and Off-Street parking data
  • Comparisons by budget, historical, time period or location
  • Track multiple facilities with no geographic restrictions
  • Variance alert algorithms proactively provide cost savings
  • Occupancy and utilization reporting of facilities in real-time
  • Parking studies of all data upon demand
  • True dynamic pricing capabilities
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Powerful System Integrator

  • Integrates With All Existing Systems
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Automated Enforcement

  • Dramatically Improves Performance
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Revenue & Audit Solution

  • Compares Revenue To Vehicle Activity
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Leverages Real Time Data

  • Optimizes Data In Detailed Reporting
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Cost Effective & Accurate

  • “Secret Sauce” Behind Our Booting Solution
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Enforcement Optimization

Todays Enforcement Challenges

  • Inflation – Rising labor and fuel costs are making traditional enforcement a losing financial proposition for many parking programs. The common approach of simply staffing static enforcement routes no longer makes economic sense in many cases.
  • Diverse Curb Utilization – The pandemic and the rise of on-demand services have changed how and when the curb space is used. Controlling the curb has become more challenging and providing sufficient access to the diverse user groups of the curb is not plausible with old technology.

Optimizing Your Resources

  • Real Time Data Technology – Access to real time utilization of the curb unlocks the true potential of your parking program. Data from space sensors, computer vision, mobile LPR, smart meters and mobile payment apps can provide a true picture of your curb.
  • Directed Enforcement – The ability to send your enforcement staff to locations where actual vehicles are parked in violation is now possible. By comparing vehicle payment data to vehicle presence/duration of stay you can dynamically allocate your staff to make the greatest impact for your program.
  • Program KPI ManagementVERGE allows you to see your data in real time dashboards that measure what matters to your enforcement program. Whether you are measuring compliance, citation capture rate, issuance rates or equitable citation distribution, VERGE provides you with a powerful tool to monitor and measure your program performance.
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Occupancy +

Todays Enforcement Challenges

VERGE Occupancy + delivers real-time parking occupancy data with the unmatched accuracy of computer-vision based License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology for your parking lots and garages.

Data can be displayed on digital signage, your website, mobile payment apps, or social media and detailed utilization reporting provides a holistic view of your entire operation.

By integrating with your parking and permit data, VERGE Occupancy + identifies and documents parking violations of all kinds in real-time, including non- payment, overtime, wrong permit, and scofflaw.

VERGE Occupancy + delivers all the data you need to maximize the value of your parking enforcement program and allows you to enforce YOUR way.

Occupancy + Enforcement provides automated enforcement to further increase the efficiency of your parking program.

Enforcement routes are optimized based on accurate data, while leveraging the alert capabilities of VERGE. As a result, your parking enforcement program is completely automated and violations are sent out by email.

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Occupancy 1
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  • Real-Time Occupancy Data
  • Unmatched Accuracy
  • LPR Technology
  • Digital Display Capability
  • Customized Dashboards
  • Better User Experience
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Improved Control
  • Asset Optimization
  • Increased Revenue
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Enhanced Enforcement
  • Violation Alerts
  • Custom Behavior Settings