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intelligent enforcement technology

Optimize Your Program

RISETEK is the industry leader in self-releasing boot technology offering its proven solution to municipalities, universities and commercial parking programs to improve the efficiency and safety of their enforcement programs.  Our patented Intelliboot offers significant advantages over other immobilization devices.  Our booting software solution, Boot Vision, allows for seamless integration into your existing parking citation system.  RISETEK’s professional 24/7 Customer Support Center provides customized support to fit the exact needs of your enforcement program.  We offer a proven total solution that increases parking revenue and reduce operating expenses.


200,000 Successful Deployments and Counting

Intelliboot is a self-releasing vehicle immobilization device designed by industry veterans and refined by field agents in the largest immobilization program in the United States.  Lightweight enough for safe handling but secure enough with solid steel construction, the Intelliboot is securely deployed and removed in seconds.

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No investment is required. Never buy another boot!

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Solid steel construction adjustable to fit tires of all sizes.

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No face-to-face interaction reduced risk of confrontation lightweight design.

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Reduced labor costs increased enforcement hours increased revenue.

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GPS tracking provides transparency and simple inventory management.

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Better customer experience pay & release in minutes 24/7 customer call center.

Boot Vision Software

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Boot Process Management Software

Boot Vision manages the entire immobilization process documenting each step, from the boot deployment through payment. Parking enforcement and management see real time status of each boot case making the process more efficient and accurate.

Boot Vision was designed to seamlessly integrate with our clients’ existing PCIMS (Parking Citation Information Management Solution) updating citation data in real time. Boot Vision’s easy to use customizable dashboard and reporting solution allows each user to define their report view, save, export and print useful reports for your enforcement program.

Data Access

Boot Vision provides visibility to the enforcement operation allowing clients to run reports on operation details, booting by agent, pending tows and cancelled cases. Along with our fully integrated enforcement application clients can take advantage of implementing escalated enforcement procedures that will change patron behavior and increase revenue.

  • Booting Activity Details
  • Payment Details
  • View Photos
  • Reporting
  • Vehicle photos
  • Customer Contact Information

Parking Enforcement App

Make Parking Enforcement Easy And Hassle-Free

RISETEK offers a powerful cost-effective parking enforcement solution without large up-front costs and long-term contract commitments. Our simple monthly subscription service makes it easy on our customers, with options to expand/reduce, to manage their expense budgets. 

The RISETEK enforcement app easily integrates with your existing payment solutions (meters, mobile payments, permitting, etc.) providing real time data to your enforcement officers for accurate citation issuance. Officers see payment/citation history on their handheld allowing for them to make proper enforcement decisions. 

Our enforcement app delivers a powerful MLPR solution on each handheld.  Accurate plate scanning can be performed while walking or driving enforcement routes.  LPR results in fewer data entry errors and higher payment compliance.

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  • Increases Enforcement Efficiency
  • Reduces Citation Issuance Time
  • Enforcement Performance Tracking
  • Easy Monthly Subscription
  • Payment Technology Integration
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Reporting Capabilities

  • Real-time Ticketing & Payment Data
  • Detailed Citation History
  • Asset Utilization
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Enforcement Officer (EO) Metrics

  • License Plates Read
  • Violations Found/Tickets Written
  • Time at Each Lot
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  • Multilingual
  • 24/7 Support
  • Global Soft Phone Support

Customer Call Center Support

Professional Services Designed for the Parking & Transportation Industry

RISETEK delivers 24/7 quality customer call center services for parking and transit operations in support of your on-site team.  Whether you are looking for overnight support service, or 24/7 coverage, RISETEK can design and deliver an effective campaign to enhance your customer service and/or reduce your operating expense.  We work with each customer to design a remote support campaign to provide informed helpful support to your customers in your parking garages/lots, or parking on-street.

Customer Support Offering

Pay through our 24/7 Customer Care Center with the assistance of a helpful customer representative. Payments are processed through a secure PCI compliant IVR system.

  • 24/7 Remote Call Center Support
  • Customized Support Campaigns for each Client
  • Multilingual Support
  • Call Recording for Quality Assurance
  • Detailed Call Record Reporting
  • Booting / Citation Payment Support
  • Direct Integration with Existing Intercom Systems
  • Remote Access to your PARCS for Control
  • Remote Video Camera Monitoring/Reporting