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Curb Management

RISETEK’s Real-Time Occupancy Information Solutions

RISETEK offers new and advanced solutions to old-world problems that allow you to not only monetize the use of your curb space while also ensuring that it is utilized optimally by providing accurate, real-time occupancy information through the use of video, sensors, smart meters, data analytics – all in one platform.

Parking Occupancy


Parking occupancy systems are a crucial part of your parking operations for a number of reasons such as:

  • Tracking and trending the usage and availability within your parking operation to identify areas used the most and the least.
  • Notifying the parker of availability before they pull into the parking area through real time availability posted on VMS signage at parking entrances.
  • Reducing the amount of vehicle traffic circling the area looking for available parking.
  • Matching your parking revenue with the amount of actual parking at your facility.
  • Way-finding capability that pushes occupancy data to social media.


RISETEK utilizes multiple technologies for providing real time, accurate parking occupancy information. We identify the correct solution for your facility in order to provide you with a parking occupancy system that is going to be accurate.

Whether it is utilizing sensors, video analytics, smart meter data or our other tools, we can bring together the best components into one platform to offer real time data and multiple analytic reports.

Smart Loading Zones

Old World Problems

  • Enforcement Limitations – Enforcing loading zones has always been challenging. Identifying active loading and measuring duration of stay by foot patrol is inefficient. The reality is that cities rarely write loading zone violations, with some simply not enforcing at all.
  • Understanding Utilization – The creation of a loading zone is often based upon commercial needs which are hard to measure. Which day and what hours should valuable curb space be reserved for loading? Commercial needs change over time and loading zones are not often updated/removed. Since cities have no great source of utilization of their loading zones they become hard to manage.

New World Solutions: Real Time Data Technology

  • Ground Sensors – Ground sensors provide an inexpensive and accurate source of loading zone utilization. Sensors can measure how often vehicles are using a loading zone and how long these vehicles are staying. Sensors provide a data source to allow cities to better understand and monitor utilization of all of their loading zones. Sensors can also be tools for enforcement providing alerting if a vehicle has exceeded the allotted time limit for a loading zone.
  • Camera Technology – Computer vision cameras are able to automatically identify a vehicle parked in a loading zone as well as measure their length of stay. One camera installation can easily monitor a loading zone providing for a cost-effective solution for acquiring loading zone data.

New World Solutions: Dynamic Loading Zone Use

  • RISETEK provides cities with the ability to define loading zone days/hours by actual utilization. With access to the real time utilization data cities can make smart decisions on loading zone rules, modifying them over time as the data justifies.
  • Loading zones are often the most valuable curb space in a city. Allowing a loading zone to switch from loading to paid parking by time of day can generate thousands of dollars of additional revenue for a city while better accommodating your citizens curbside parking needs.
  • VMS signage can provide a dynamic method of communicating to the customer at the curb. Our VERGE solution can provide updated messaging in real time to the curb allowing for rapid modification of curb use.

Dynamic Congestion Pricing

Optimal Curb Use

As the demand for curb space grows and evolves to accommodate the new on-demand commerce wave it has become critically important to properly assign curb use. Risetek Global sensor and computer vision technology can provide accurate data on actual curb utilization. Having access to the data will allow for effective management and policy decisions to be made.

Monetizing The Curb

RISETEK’s ability to automate the monitoring and enforcement of curb use allows for dynamic curb use. Allocate curb space based upon actual demand. Flex a space from a commercial loading zone, to a mobile pay space, to an Uber/Lyft space throughout the day/week to best meet the needs of your citizens. VERGE can manage VMS signage at the curb to keep the public informed and compliant to the current parking rules.

Dynamic Curb Use

Congestion Management Goals

  • Environmental Objectives – Transportation managers are challenged with minimizing carbon emissions in their downtowns. Minimizing traffic and mitigating idle times for vehicles is a measurable objective. Encouraging the use of electric vehicles, over gasoline powered ones, is becoming a focus of many city leaders.
  • Pricing Tools – Increasing the cost of tolls and parking in the downtown core has proven to influence behavior and reduce volumes. Access to real time data is the key to adjusting pricing to have the proper effect. Utilizing computer vision and LPR solutions can deliver the data to properly deploy a congestion management program.

Data Management Solution

VERGE is a data management and analytics solution capable of ingesting real time congestion data by area. VERGE manages thresholds and performs the logic of automating rate escalations to a network of VMS signage and payment technologies. Automating your congestion management through VERGE is the intelligent approach to an equitable deployment.