As cities navigate the post-pandemic environment of limited operating budgets and a heightened focus on customer and employee safety, serious consideration should be given to self-releasing boots.

Traditional Booting is Labor Intensive and Requires Multiple Points of Contact 

Parking enforcement programs that already use booting as a tool to collect unpaid citations understand the effectiveness of the process. Traditional booting, however, requires a large amount of labor and multiple points of contact between the customer and employees.

Enforcement staff must locate a scofflaw (boot eligible vehicle) apply the boot and then wait for the customer to contact the parking office.  Often times, boot payments must be made in person and only during limited office hours.

After a boot payment is made, an enforcement officer must travel to the booted vehicle and remove the boot.  The boot payment and removal can add hours to the process for the customer and the enforcement staff.

Even if a traditional boot process only requires 1-2 hours of staff time, that equates to thousands of dollars of unnecessary expense as well as lost time and lost value of deploying the employee for additional enforcement efforts. (format as a quote or some type of callout/highlight)

Risetek’s Self-Releasing Boot Technology Can Eliminate the Wasted Time and Payroll Required with Traditional Booting 

RiseTek Booting Program Booting Car
RisTek Booting Program Man Self-Releases Boot

Customers upon discovering a self-releasing boot on their vehicle can make payment and remove the boot in minutes.  Allowing for web payments and remote call center support creates a fast, efficient and safe resolution process.

The customer experience is greatly enhanced and the potentially negative face to face interaction with your enforcement staff is eliminated.  By creating a “contactless” boot payment and removal process for the customer we keep our employees and customers safer.

Let RiseTek help deliver a safer and more efficient booting service to your city or university. Find out more about our Intelligent Vehicle Booting.