In February 2019, the principles of RiseTek Global entered into a joint venture with Republic Parking System branded as RIS NYC and were awarded the contract to provide immobilization services for the New York City Department of Finance.  RISNYC unseated Paylock, the incumbent contractor for the City’s program.  Following a very detailed, collaborative, and successful integration and transition process with the Department of Finance, RIS NYC commenced immobilization operations on November 1, 2019.

RIS NYC’s New York City vehicle immobilization program included the on-boarding of over fifty team members and the deployment of forty  immobilization vehicles equipped with highly customized license plate recognition and intelligent booting software systems.  Our intelligent vehicle booting solution took the NYC immobilization program to new levels.  Utilizing our sophisticated data analytics platform, VERGE, we were able to optimize enforcement routes focused on locating high-probability scofflaw vehicles.  VERGE took vehicle immobilization from a random search of New York City streets, to a focused effort improving productivity and reducing wasted time and money.

BOOTS ISSUEDNovember – January31,87524,52230%

The initial parking enforcement results in NYC were staggering considering the massive scope of the transition and integration with multiple City systems and departments.  Despite a deliberate partial soft launch in November, we surpassed Paylock’s previous years’ results during our first month of operation.  In our second month of operation we produced 68% more vehicle boot cases than Paylock did the prior year.  In our first quarter of operation, we delivered a 30% increase in booting cases for New York City.  Unfortunately, the pandemic forced us to pause operations as New York City temporarily suspended the vehicle immobilization program in mid-March 2020.